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Here for Served

Our list of clients is truly impressive. YI Group works for some of the biggest and best-known clients in the world, and for many of them for many years. We have built extremely strong relationships with our clients, and will continue to do so. Here are a few examples from the diverse set of clients that the YI Group served:

  • One World Sourcing

  • Details

    Client:- One World Sourcing

    Business Base:- London, U.K

    Company:- One world can source for you all types of fabrics-Pakistani or imported, knitted or woven. One world have access to the best production houses with automated machines.

  • NR Windows

  • Details

    Client:- NR Windows

    Business Base:- Florida, USA

    Company:- NR Windows, Inc. is a licensed Glazing Contractor in the State of Florida that has earned a reputation as a highly professional, quality-oriented contractor. Public and private projects have been completed ranging from $100,000 to over $15 million.

  • Clouds Entertainment

  • Details

    Client:- Clouds Entertainment

    Business Base:- London, U.K

    Company:- Clouds Entertainment is the premier event management and marketing company in Canada & London. C.E produces many of Ontario's largest participatory special events. C.E boasts a 100% participant safety record for all events dating back to 2001.

  • Stop Demand

  • Details

    Client:- Stop Demand

    Business Base:- Auckland, New Zealand

    Info:- To promote a world free of all forms of sexual violence against, and sexual exploitation of, children with a particular focus on challenging the demand for sex with children