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Cloud Shared Hosting with MailChannels

To build your online existence on Clouds

Enterprise Cloud Shared Hosting;
1st time in UAE, MaYis.ae offering Cloud Shared Hosting with MailChannels.

MaYis.ae, a leader in web hosting, provides an industry leading cloud service that can scale with your business, website and any other needs.

MaYis.ae Cloud Shared Hosting is an ideal solution for web sites and online applications which require maximum uptime.

Our Cloud Architecture:

Reliability & High Availability+++
MaYis.ae guarantees hardware, network, and infrastructure uptime of 99.9%.

High Performance:
The typical bottleneck with any hosting infrastructure is the data stores. The industry standard has been to utilize consumer-class SATA hard disks which typically have a sustained data transfer rate of approximately 138 MB/s.

Raid10 Proteced Server:
Servers protected against disk failure.

Reduced Downtime:
Using our Cloud platform, the upgrades of memory, CPU, and storage are instant and require little or NO downtime.

MailChannels Cloud:
MailChannels Cloud is an email relay service that identifies spammers within your network to improve your email reputation and ensure reliable email delivery for your users.

With MailChannels Cloud, you can eliminate email delivery problems caused by IP address blacklisting.

You can also automatically shut down compromised end user accounts and scripts to improve your security. Unlike conventional email services, MailChannels Cloud is the only service that accepts 100% of your email, including spam

Cloud Shared Hosting with MailChannels Cloud Plans

Technology Cloud Cloud Cloud
Disk Space 2Gb 4Gb 8Gb
Monthly Bandwidth 20 Gb 40 Gb 80 Gb
Control Panel cPanel / DA cPanel / DA cPanel / DA
Domain Regist. - .com - Free Free
Price / Yearly PKR.4,000/- PKR.6,500/- PKR.10,000/-
Email(s) with MailChannels Cloud    
Pop 3 Emails
Auto Responders
Mail Forwards
Mail Aliases

MariaDB / MySQL
Core Feature(s)      
Cloud Platform
MailChannels Cloud
Auto SSL Certificate -
Secure eMails via Transport Layer Security -
Secure SFTP -
External Backup once in a month
Content Delivery Network
99.9% uptime

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