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ShieldMX – Cutting-Edge Hosted Email Filtering

Defend your domains from Email-Propagated Virus Outbreaks, Malware, Phishing attempts and Spam with YI Solutions ShieldMX:

The Ever-Increasing Threat of Email-Borne Hazards:

In 2010, data showed >95% of email traffic worldwide was spam, with close to 95 BILLION Phishing Scam emails detected. Among these, targeted phishing spam seeking access to sensitive corporate information in increased 62% from the previous year. Adding to these worrying trends, almost 340,000 different types of malware were identified in (a nearly 10-fold increase from 2009)

To any company, this causes the risk of;

Despite the advancement in email filtering technology, many e-mail filtering systems fail to properly identify and isolate spam from legitimate emails, leading to not only a loss of legitimate business emails (False Positives), but also a failure in preventing Viruses, Spam, Bulk email, and other malicious content from reaching corporate networks.

How ShieldMX Works:

ShieldMX utilizes multiple unique filtering mechanisms that not only optimize Spam Catch rate (>99% accuracy), but also reduce the risk of false positives to near zero (1 in 10 million). Coupled with cutting-edge Virus Detection technology, ShieldMX ensures that business communication is securely guarded against email-borne threats, and protects your network from malicious content:

1. The core technology behind ShieldMX is its Bulkcheck capability, which determines whether an e-mail has been sent in bulk.
2. This is done by assigning each individual email with a “fingerprint” consisting of just a few bytes.
3. Each Individual email’s “Fingerprint” is examined against the ShieldMX central Database (Updated in Real-Time).
4. If the same or similar checksums are identified, the e-mail is classified and deflected according to your preferences.
5. With this, your email infrastructure will be protected from compromise – Spam, Phishing and Bulk mails, Viruses and Malware are deflected even before they reach your network!

ShieldMX – Truly State-of-the-Art

ShieldMX - 36K Clean Emails Purchase ShieldMX 1-year Email Filtering Service for 1 domain (unlimited mailboxes!) for up to 36,000 CLEAN Emails USD 30

ShieldMX - 108K Clean Emails Purchase ShieldMX 1-year Email Filtering Service for 1 domain (unlimited mailboxes!) for up to 108,000 CLEAN Emails USD 60

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