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Cloud Self Healing Servers in Pakistan

To build your online existence with our Reliable Servers

Cloud Technology provide single points of failure are eliminated with HostingPartner.pk from not only the software, but hardware levels as well.

We can deploy, scale, or migrate entire servers in just a few moments, which is much faster than a traditional Web Hosting environment.

No longer are Web Hosting "servers" tied to a physical machine.

When you have an account with HostingPartner.pk, your account is instantly, and constantly replicated across multiple machines and multiple storage locations. If your website is running on a physical server that crashes, it is instantly restarted on one that available.

You may have read about massive cloud failures with other companies, however many of those were due to a single point of failure on the underlying engine. Each one of our private clouds run off of an underlying engine, or distribution server which manages the applications running on each cloud and physical server. In HostingPartner.pk, we replicate this engine in real time across multiple physical machines so in the event of a failure, the backup engine is automatically and instantly restarted on another server.

Features CL-VPS1 - Plan CL-VPS2 - Plan CL-VPS3 - Plan
Disk Space 40GB - SSD 100GB - SSD 160GB - SSD
Monthly Bandwidth 2000 GB 4000 GB 5000 GB
CPU Cores 1 4 6
Management Fully Managed Fully Managed Fully Managed
Platform Linux Linux Linux
Up time 99.99% 99.99% 99.99%

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