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Flat Rate Internet Advertising & Marketing

Affordable and Effective Internet Marketing Solution

Affordable and Effective Search Engine & Directory Internet Advertising No Keyword Bidding, No Bid Management and No Incentive for Click-Fraud Just Flat Rate Internet Advertising & Marketing Solution

1st time in Pakistan, My-Ads.biz, is able to provide a Flat Rate Keyword Program that offers online businesses Top 10 Exposure across a large network of search engines and web directories at low, flat fee rates.

We provide the only alternative to PPC that delivers solid value and true benefits.

Flat Rate Keyword Program Benefits
Low Cost A one-time, flat fee, starting at just $24.00 for 3 Months.
Top 10 Exposure Through a Rolling Selection System and restricted keyword sales
World-Wide Placement Your listing featured worldwide on 100's of search engines and web, blog & article directories
Quick Inclusion Your Featured Listing added within 6 to 8 hours to our entire network of search partners.
Keyword Selection If a good keyword term is available - it's yours. No keyword management or variable keyword pricing.
No Hassle No keyword bidding, no bid management and no incentive for click-fraud.
My-Ads.biz Free Placement of Banner and Ad Page

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Internet Advertising & Social Media Marketing Services